Sunday, 29 June 2014

Igor Vidmar- Maximum RocknRoll #374

I had the chance to get a copy of the latest MRR this weekend, which features an interview with Igor Vidmar about the Yugoslav/Slovene punk scene, up until 1987. Unsurprisingly the focus is primarily around Radio Student, Pankrti and follow up punk groups, with no mention of the hardcore scene, but it's given me a few things to talk about and consider, so I'll be following this post up with some more extensive thoughts soon. I'm not sure if it is coincidental that two recent issues of MRR have had features on Slovenian punk, or whether they'll be more in the future, but either way it's good to have some contemporary material to work from that isn't just my own research.

In other news, I'm back in the UK, I have been able to move into my new house and as it's finally resembling somewhere I can do work and listen to records, I'll be aiming to update this blog a lot more frequently from now on. First up will probably be a few more uploads of records, but I'll also be adding some extracts from the long interviews I did with people from UBR, Tozibabe, III.Kategorija and Hardcore Collective whilst I was in Ljubljana. As far as my PhD is going, I'm aiming to have a chapter drafted by the beginning of September, so I might also use this blog to flesh out some of the thoughts I've been having concerning that.