Monday, 16 February 2015

I just booked my flights to go back Ljubljana in March, so I can see Tozibabe in Ljubljana. The gig is being organised by FV Music, to celebrate the release of the 'Dezuje' 7" 30 years ago. It's being held at Metelkova and from what I have seen so far, all the other bands are current local bands. 

The facebook event is here-

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Like the last time I wrote on here, I'm having to start with an admission/apology of sorts given that I've not posted much up here recently. I swear I've had good reasons though... I was recently in Vancouver giving a paper based on my research so far, which is the first time I've attempted anything of the sort, so I've had to concentrate on that. I'm hoping to update this a bit more in the next few months, especially as I've recently been talking about ex-Yugo/ Slovene punk to people I met on my travels in Canada and the US, and I realised that a lot of the stuff I've been recommending isn't actually up here to download/read about, including a lot of the stuff I would define as 'the classics'.

For now, here is Ženevski Dekret, from Mostar, covering Anarchy in the UK in a rehearsal (I'm not sure when this was). I love stuff like this. I'm fairly sure this is Habbi from Ne! Records band from the 1980s (he's now based in Sweden) but I'll look into stuff some more and do a longer post on them in the future.