Monday, 24 August 2015

Balkan Pank

Virgin Prunes, by Jože Suhadolnik

I've briefly mentioned Jože Suhadolnik and his photography on this blog in the past, having picked up a copy of his book last year. I've also spoken to him on the phone at some point earlier this year (I forget when) to ask him some more about his experiences as part of my research, but I've not yet got round to writing anything up for this blog about that. Today however, I came across this article on the Dangerous Minds website, which features a lot of his photography alongside a few comments about his photos and the environment in which he worked, which is taken from a slightly longer article on the Dazed and Confused website. It's a nice little introduction to his work, and there's also mention of a 400 page police file that he found in 1992. I'll need to ask him a bit more about this as I'm hoping to find some more evidence of police/regime responses to punk, and how they talked about it, when I head back over to Slovenia later in the year.