Thursday, 20 July 2017

RAF Punk

Despite only releasing songs via various compilations RAF Punk were a key part of the Bologna scene in Italy, with members also going on to play in CCCP and Nabat. As a result of Bologna's proximity to Ljubljana there were numerous links between the two, with RAF Punk playing in Ljubljana as well as releasing the UBR 'Corpus Delicti' 7" via their label Attack Punk Records and hosting the band in Bologna in 1983. I'm writing a bit about these links at the moment and have been finding old pictures of the band as a result. Here's a cool picture featuring John John Jesse of Nausea, Tim from Sacrilege and Laura De Lauris of RAF Punk at CBGB's in 1985.

Friday, 16 June 2017

Nabat in Ljubljana, 1987

Just scanned in this flyer for when Nabat played in Ljubljana in 1987. Thought i'd stick it up here as I've not updated for a long time (currently writing up my thesis) and I've not seen this online before.