Tuesday, 12 January 2016


I was able to scan a copy of the 8th issue of 'Dvadeset 4 Časa' today, courtesy of Paco from the consistently excellent La Vida Es Un Mus, here's the front cover.

I've not had a chance to have a proper read through so far, but from what I can tell it was a relatively regular hardcore fanzine which continued at least into the 90s (the latest I've found so far is Issue 14), and I'll be trying to track down everyone involved. The address given is for Belgrade, under the name 'Fallout Productions' although it appears David from the Hardcore Collective in Ljubljana was an active contributor at this point. It featured local scene news alongside their own interviews and scene reports sent in from the UK, Scotland, Finland, the US and more... some of this in English, with the remainder in Serbo-Croat. If you have any more details on this or other copies, please get in touch as this could potentially be so important to my thesis.

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  1. Dvadeset 4 Casa editor was Guido Obradovic from Belgrade. He was one of the pioneers of punk d.i.y scene in Belgrade and Yugoslavia.He was also running the label No Profit Tapes https://www.discogs.com/label/109995-No-Profit-Tapes releasing some great/cult tape compilations of early 80's Yugoslavian Hard Core scene."Buka i Urlik" is my favorite https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lehQAHPu0Kk .He was playing in Arhivska Zabava,Necrophilia,Crist,Brainstorm.Was also contributing to Maximum Rockandroll in 80's.End of 80's he started No Time To Be Wasted records https://www.discogs.com/label/109495-No-Time-To-Be-Wasted-Records
    ....and blah blah...I hope you find this helpful!