Tuesday, 17 May 2016


I'm trying to avoid updating this blog only when someone I like dies, but a lot of cool people are dying recently. Like everyone I was sad to hear that John Stabb passed away recently, especially as all the tributes in the wake of his death made him seem like a truly great guy.

Anyway, here's a live recording of Government Issue from when they played Ljubljana in 1988. This was released as an unofficial/bootleg tape by FV Založba and as you can see from the tape sleeve, they released similar tapes for UK Subs, Poison Girls, Nick Cave, Swans, Misty in Roots and a lot more, including Amebix (which I have posted here before), Rollins Band, Social Unrest, Sonic Youth, Nomeansno, Pere Ubu, Diamanda Galas... pretty much anyone that played in Ljubljana in the late 80s.

Here's the flyer for a Government Issue show in Ljubljana...

Courtesy of Irena Povše, Buba Booking/Hardcore Collective

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