Thursday, 18 August 2016

When I last in Ljubljana I met with Gigi from UBR for a second time and he gave me a handful of old photos he had found in his apartment. I've scanned them in and tried to restore them a bit. I'm not sure who actually took these or where and when they were taken, but I've tried to identify a few of the subjects. If you can help me out with that please get in touch.


Not sure with the rest of these...

Gigi also gave me an original hand drawn advert for the UBR 'Corpus Delicti' 7" on Attack Punk Records, which is now obviously one of the coolest things I own and is framed on my wall. I scanned that in too for the purposes of this blog, and also so I could send it to Iffi from Static Shock Musik in Berlin (highly reccommended record shop). It's on his wall now too.

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