Monday, 10 October 2016


I'm back in Ljubljana for possibly the last time whilst I'm working on my thesis, although I hope it's not the last time in general. I've been pretty busy so far meeting with various people, including Aldo from FV/Borghesia, Suzana, who was involved in the punk, lesbian and feminist movements (all  of which essentially existed within the umbrella of the countercultural alternative scene of Ljubljana in the 1980s), Dario Cortese, who wrote several Yugoslav scene reports for MRR and Marsa of Tožibabe, with this last meeting ending with us dancing in Metelkova to ska covers of Cock Sparrer. I have a lot of work ahead of me in terms of continuing to write everything up, but right now I'm feeling very lucky that I've been able to spend the last few years of my life immersed in this truly subversive culture and moment in history, and had so many great people share their memories and lives with me. The trust and warmth I've been shown has made me especially determined to represent these great people and this very cool scene as genuinely as possible.

I spent yesterday afternoon with Irena (Povśe) of Buba Booking, who (as i think i've mentioned here already) was originally part of the Hardcore Collective that booked shows in the mid to late 1980s. She has a load of albums filled with photos from Ljubljana and let me scan pretty much half of them. I'll be sharing them all later, but for now here's one of some punks on the street that I'm staying on right now, and where I lived for 3/4 months the first time I came out here. The building behind them on the right hand side is now an 'England Pub', run by a Slovene Manchester United fan who loves English football and culture for some reason.

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